Monday, June 13, 2016

How to Create a Personal Mission Statement

How to Create a Personal Mission Statement

Companies use mission statements to define for themselves, their employees, and their customers what they want to accomplish in their existence. This helps them to establish achievable goals leading them on the path towards what they strive to become.

We as individuals can utilize this same concept to help us better focus our paths in life. By creating a personal mission statement, you can start on the road to success and accomplishment, achieving your personal goals, and discovering your purpose.
Set Goals for Every Aspect of Life
Writing a personal mission statement starts by determining where you want to be three to five years from now. Ask yourself what would you like to accomplish in your lifetime?

Don't just limit yourself to professional aspirations. Life encompasses more than just working day to day. Think of where you want to be physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually. Being aware of your goals in each of these aspects of life will help you to grow as a person. Also, each of these aspects will work hand in hand with each other, as accomplishments in each can help bring peace of mind. 
Determine Where you Stand Today 
After you have determined what direction you want your life to head in, assess where you currently are in your life. At present, what have you accomplished? What skills have you obtained? What talents do you possess? By taking a close look at who you are presently, you will discover what have and what you lack. 
Post your Motivation 
When you have written your personal mission statement, keep it somewhere you can view it regularly. Seeing your personal vision statement on a daily or weekly basis will keep you focused and on track. Every action you take from the day you complete your personal vision statement should take you one step closer to who you want to become. 
Modify when Needed 
If your focus changes, fret not. People change their life's goals for themselves on a regular basis. Feel free to adapt your personal mission statement to your current mindset. Your statement is yours and yours alone. Make it fit you.

However, be cautious. There is no need to change your personal mission statement daily, weekly, or even annually. Still, two years into using your statement, you may find you need it to be more detailed or even completely revamped.

If you are looking to improve yourself and your livelihood, get started on your personal mission statement today. Think critically about the direction you want to take and put it down on paper. It will take time to mold and sculpt your statement into something you completely are satisfied with, but remember that it is always a work in progress. Make it readily accessible so you can read it anytime, anywhere. Read it aloud to yourself as well. That way, you not only write, but also speak, your future into existence.

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