Friday, March 24, 2017

If You Want to Start a Business, Don't Just Listen to Gary V

If You Want to Start a Business, Don't Just Listen to Gary V

"Do. Or do not. There is no try." - Yoda

Starting a business is a complicated journey that will call upon all of your talents and expose your weaknesses. Knowing this even before you embark on your entrepreneurial path doesn’t tell you the whole story. Not even close.

You may think you want to be an entrepreneur. You may even think you are an entrepreneur, but being an entrepreneur is more than just engaging in the mere thought of starting a business. 

You must start a business!

You have to put your ideas in play and see if they create a viable enterprise. Find out if people actually want your idea and if they want your idea, will they actually give you money for it.

This isn't to say don't read the books and articles. I'm not saying don't follow the likes of GaryVaynerchuk or Ryan Daniel Moran on Facebook and Twitter. Read their books. Read their articles. Listen to their podcasts. Devour their knowledge and make it a part of your own. Feed that hunger.

However, if all you do is collect the knowledge of the experiences of others, than you haven't really learn much, have you? 

Couple their knowledge with what you learn from your own experiences as an entrepreneur, win or lose. It's good to learn from the successes and failures of others, but your own successes and failures as an entrepreneur will help you truly grow. Like investing, the compounding effect of adding theirs to yours will give you the best chance at entrepreneurial success.

Get a plan of action together and put it to work. Take the steps necessary to get your business up and running. Utilize the tools and bits of wisdom you’ve discovered from taking in the knowledge of those who came before you. In other words, get active.

In the midst of your action, continue to glean valuable information from Gary V and those of his ilk. It can only help guide you on your entrepreneurial path. Nevertheless, without taking action, you’ll be standing as you are wondering “what if.” Don’t simply think you are an entrepreneur.

Actually be an entrepreneur!

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